Plastic Surgery Clinic in Woodbury

About the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Woodbury Project

In mid-December of 2019, Sever Construction kicked off the buildout of a plastic surgery clinic project in Woodbury. The plastic surgery clinic and ambulatory center is located within the Parkwood Place Medical Office and operated by Dr. Heather Lynne Rocheford.

Dr. Rocheford is a board-certified surgeon, specializing in plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Rocheford began her plastic surgery practice in 1998 and focuses exclusively on cosmetic procedures. 

Sever Construction partnered with PlanForce Group to combine four spaces into one large suite. Several private spaces were constructed for clinical pre-operation, treatment, and recovery. The layout accommodates for an impressive amount of functional rooms required by the end user.

Shawn Wochnick, interior designer, CID, for PlanForce Group explained, “we went through a few iterations and landed on one where the reception area was forward-facing which worked best for greeting patients. Treatment rooms were concentrated along a single corridor for easy patient navigation.” Wochnick shared the same principle was used for the ambulatory side; treatment rooms were concentrated along a single corridor for intuitive patient navigation. The Back of the House operations are discretely wrapped around the surgery room to keep employee and patient areas separate.

An ambulatory surgery center was added as an expansion to the clinic side to keep all medical operations under one roof. And, while this expansion was one of the greatest functional design needs for this project, it needed to have separate patient access with its own private waiting area.

Dr. Rocheford was represented by David Buyse of Corporate Tenant Advisors and Greg Domke of Project Management Consultants acted as Rocheford’s project manager. The project team representing Sever Construction included Frank Hinck, project manager, and Mike Wilson, superintendent.


Dr. Heather Rocheford

Completion Date

April 2020

Market Sector

Medical + Office


4,200 SF

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