Gary Jacobs, Superintendent

For over 20 years, Gary Jacobs has played a central role on construction projects small and large.

At the beginning of his career, Gary started out as a mason, block tending on-site. From there, he went on to be a residential and commercial carpenter for several years.

There was a period where Gary was an ironworker before he moved into a superintendent role.

“I entered into the construction industry because I love to build things. I’ve always had a knack for using my hands to create.”

“I have a detailed shop at my house where I spend a lot of my free time,” says Gary about his life long career in construction.

What Gary Does Best: Innovate
Gary is committed to putting innovation into action. He’s quick to identify problems before they occur and create immediate resolution.

The best part, Gary is poised — proactive versus reactive. He uses tools, widgets, processes and practices in the most efficient way possible to make each project task a success.

Bucket List
Tour all 50 states on my Harley.

Motivation starts, determination finishes.


O: 952.746.5338
M: 507.400.5121