Get to the Choppa! Plasman Replaces 20 New Rooftop Units by Helicopter Assist to Beat the Heat this Summer

Plasman, Global Leader in Automotive Components, Upgrades to High Efficiency RTUs to Participate in Cost-Saving Rebates 

Typically, one could expect to see a crane on-site picking and setting new rooftop units but in this unique case, the rooftop was too expansive for a crane radius and the number of units needing to be replaced would have required a longer project schedule.

The method of using a helicopter to perform the RTU replacement task was most efficient and cost-conscious. Our team removed all the existing rooftop units, as well as replaced and installed new high efficiency units in just one workday.

Cost-Saving Upgrades

Take advantage of great rebates by upgrading your building with new high efficiency RTUs. Reap the additional cost-saving benefits by substantially lowering your utility bills.

Contact our team today for more information on your building upgrades, equipment lead times, and utility rebates. Call us at 952.746.5338 or email us at



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