Nik Theiss Joins SCC as Field Superintendent

Welcome Nik Theiss, the Newest Field Superintendent to Join the SCC Team

Nik began his construction career in 2004 as a pipefitter apprentice. He remained a pipefitter for five and a half years before receiving a career-ending medical diagnosis. Nik returned to school, earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, and worked as public relations coordinator at Metropolitan State University.

Desiring to ‘get back on the jobsite,’ he landed a superintendent position with Division 21, Inc., where he managed hotel remodels and heavy-mechanical projects for the federal government. 

Growing up, Nik’s father was a farmer – but was always in sales, and good at it. Nik remembers observing his dad’s approach to business interactions and partnerships. These observations, combined with his background in pipefitting and public relations, have molded him well for overseeing commercial construction projects. His ability to develop relationships on all levels of the project and knack for relating to those involved in the process are value-add characteristics.

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